Hello Again, Old Friend

I don’t usually post about my personal life that is very private but yesterday something happened that really made my day and it was kind of shocking that a friend, who blocked and left me two years ago returned and started chatting with me again. [More...]
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Set Up Github Pages for Blog

Now that I’ve settled down, I think I should really write about how I set it up. I am really lazy, so I did not write my own theme from scratch, I instead cloned a Blog-ready theme and started from there. [More...]
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Using Yubikey to authenticate in Endeavour OS

One of the first things I did once I switched to Linux was to look for guides about implementing Yubikey support to the operating system. Integrating Yubikey with Windows was a pain in the ass back then, therefore one of the reasons I’d switched to Linux was that I hoped... [More...]
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