Back and Forth and Back and Forth

Wow, I never thought I would come back, again.

I am not familiar with web technologies, and I struggled to build my dream website with Grav. I thought to myself, if writing new articles is so painful and unjoyful in Grav, why do I stay and pay for self-hosted package? Indeed, I made many rushed decisions, and bought a couple expensive plugins for Grav.

I moved to Grav for the sole reason WordPress is a pain in the ass to back up. For self-hosted instances you can never be too cautious about website going down and being penetrated.

Today when I thought of terminating my old site once and for all, should I go for easier options this time? Bloggi and Blogger came to my mind. Blogspot has new templates, feels more modern than ever, but the editor is still an old and boring single page editor. The code it outputs when exporting is also disastrous. Bloggi is using block editor like WordPress, but the major letdown is the price of $9/mo. It was $3 at start, I did not grab it, then the price went up to $5, I still did not grab it, and now at $9/mo it seems too much for such a simple solution. Then I thought to myself, the personal plan is only $7/mo for monthly subscription and $48 per year. So I went with again, but this time, bringing my domain with me.

So far everything was smooth. does not support HSTS, for subdomains it also does not support stuffs that are too short, so I chose a new subdomain to make transitions rather smooth. Of course, the old is going to be defunct. HSTS preload removal pending, but I don’t host website on the apex domain anyway.