Going Linux

So I made the switch. I decided to go full Linux in a split second. Yet another rash decision from me. But this time, the results turned out good and promising, and I am not going back to Windows any time soon.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Long story short, I ran into a problem where Windows suddenly refused to connect to the Internet through the ethernet cable. Restarting the computer and the router proved futile. I even tried to reset the router, to no avail. I suspected there was something up with the drivers or updates. But I thought, this is enough, and my time with Ubuntu has been great.

I got my new laptop for college last month and installed Ubuntu 21.04 on it immediately after unpacking and verifying everything works. I activated the Windows installation came with the laptop, but since I will be studying Information Security, I chose Linux – I will probably need to use Kali anyway…

I am using Kubuntu on my gaming desktop and laptop

I decided to go with Kubuntu in the end because it looks modern and more elegant than Gnome. So far everything is smooth and I think I made the right call. Gaming on Linux is not as simple as it is on Windows, but with roughly the same result. And more than that, I am finally free from Microsoft spying on me, one less headache to deal with.

What of other aspects? There are replacements for apps I frequently use, and the most important of which, Office apps. Microsoft Windows required a hefty fee for a perpetual license, as some people would, I purchased my “Unlimited” Office 365 with offline app off Ebay for a questionably low price. It worked, but decided to let go of it along with my legitimate Windows 10 Pro key. Back then I tried OnlyOffice when I was still using Windows, it looked amazing, and has all the basic features I wanted. So I immediately downloaded OnlyOffice when I finally settled down with Kubuntu.

My journey in computing is never ending, and switching to Linux is just one little step.