Today marks the first day of my life in community college, so I went to school early and explored a bit.

The first thing I noticed was classes do not start early and I would better be arriving around ten minutes before the lecture starts, otherwise I would have to wait somewhere else or stand outside the classroom. There is not much space though, so I would rather go to the library next time. But my library card and student card are yet to be issued, so I cannot access the library at the moment.

I bought a real notebook and several pens in case my English teacher do not allow us to use computers, but it seems I made a wrong assumption. Still, I would have to buy new pens because there are assignments that need to be completed during the class. The first day is boring as the teacher only talked about what I will learn in the course.

I also discovered that I packed too much stuffs in the backpack and it was kinda heavy to carry them around. I really should reduce what I will carry back to school…