Weekly Recap #1

The first week was quite boring, nothing special. I did indeed learn a few key aspects in the field of InfoSec though.

The first is that end users always prefer convenience over security, and that they will do whatever they can to bypass the security policies meant to protect them from harm. Indeed, even I preferred convenience over security – when installing OS, I chose not to do full-disk encryption because I did not want to enter passwords twice (until I learned somehow you can use a Yubikey instead of passwords to authenticate for not only logging in system, but also unlocking the disk).

The second is that Information Security isn’t Computer Security. Computer Security focuses on devices, their software and hardware; Information Security focuses on not only devices, but also human and “compliance”. InfoSec covers a broader area where we will need to think more than just protecting devices, but also people, and the businesses behind them. In a sense, Computer Security is within Information Security, but not the other way round.

And the last one, I learned lockpicking is also related to InfoSec. Hard to believe, but it kind of makes sense when you think of it. Everyone given the opportunity will attempt to pick a lock unattended; Every attacker will attempt to breach a system exposed. In examining how lockpicking works can we learn patience is vital to being a successful pentester. The world changes fast, so do technologies. We must act fast and learn fast to get ahead of threat actors. Only through so we can triumph over our enemies.

InfoSec aside, I also learned to use Cisco Packet Tracer. It is a tool used to simulate real life networks, allowing students to learn networking and professionals to test setup before deployments. I am confused how to use it but for now I can build a small network and simulate simple pings between devices.

Annnnnnnd academic English! Assignments are super easy, and nothing too hard to comprehend – but I have to write a essay on predefined topics. I am not familiar with any of the topics given, but at least there are topics I can easily find academic evidences to support with.

I think this is all for this week.