This is actually a rant more than a technical post. I knew modding Skyrim would be painful but I did not expect that painful. The Vortex mod manager by NexusMods is available for Windows only. I tried to use it via Lutris but it didn’t go well. Vortex successfully installs and launches for first time, but it does not detect any plugins I installed and the “deploy method” is unusable.

It is also the same for MO2 and LOOT, they can load the mods and sort for me, but the load order changes cannot be manually saved. I even changed the “Local AppData” folder for LOOT, but this didn’t help.

I wish there was a tool, that allows Linux players to enjoy the convenience Windows players enjoy when modding, that they can work with any operating systems. Before that, I am back to manually installing the mods and sorting the load order myself - because the in-game Mod menu is horrible and useless.