Weekly Recap #1

The first week was quite boring, nothing special. I did indeed learn a few key aspects in the field of InfoSec though. The first is that end users always prefer convenience over security, and that they will do whatever they can to bypass the security policies meant to protect them from harm. Indeed, even I … Continue reading Weekly Recap #1

Attempting to Solve Conflicts between UFW and Network Manager

This problem bugged me since the day I installed Kubuntu on my laptop and desktop. The problem was when I activated UFW and reboot, the system gets stuck on Kubuntu logo, and when I pressed F2 to check what happened, it appeared Network Manager had conflicts with UFW, UFW getting stuck on starting up as … Continue reading Attempting to Solve Conflicts between UFW and Network Manager


Today marks the first day of my life in community college, so I went to school early and explored a bit. The first thing I noticed was classes do not start early and I would better be arriving around ten minutes before the lecture starts, otherwise I would have to wait somewhere else or stand … Continue reading Commencement