Set Up Github Pages for Blog

Now that I’ve settled down, I think I should really write about how I set it up. I am really lazy, so I did not write my own theme from scratch, I instead cloned a Blog-ready theme and started from there. [More...]
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Using Yubikey to authenticate in Endeavour OS

One of the first things I did once I switched to Linux was to look for guides about implementing Yubikey support to the operating system. Integrating Yubikey with Windows was a pain in the ass back then, therefore one of the reasons I’d switched to Linux was that I hoped... [More...]
Tags: Linux

Looking Good!

This is the first time I am writing my posts in pure markdown(including frontmatters). I hope I will be able to output more useful posts now with WordPress out of the way. I’ll keep the old blog, and move on to Github Pages from now on. This way I can... [More...]
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