I endorse privacy, and I think you should enjoy as much privacy as you deserved, therefore I will disclose all possible privacy problems you may face when browsing this blog.

  1. Ads – Simply put, I don’t run ads. I may include affiliate links here and there, but I WILL make clear declaration when I attach one.
  2. Trackers – I don’t put trackers on my blog too. However, there are trackers added by, I have no control over them.
  3. Cloudflare & Applets – I am using Cloudflare to better serve visitors across the seas. I know Cloudflare is known for bad privacy protection, but to use HSTS on, I had to use it. I also enabled two handy applets: Dark Mode and Back-to-top button. If you have an adblocker, you probably will not see them. Considering unblocking if you think they’d be useful.
  4. Your personal data – As I had to protect my blog against spams, I enforced login-only commenting. If you feel uncomfortable letting me see who you actually are, consider using a throwaway account.